About Us

A joint venture.

SILO System was born out of the confluence of the experience and collaboration between CEMECO Srl & LOREV IMPIANTI creating a solid partnership capable of offering the technical Know-how and the equipment for the design and realization of scalable construction systems & construction plants aimed at producing pre-cast / pre-engineered buildings (PEB) in concrete, steel, aluminum and glass.

From a technical perspective, our proposal can be summarized in the dual opportunities of industrialized building processes and the production of traditional building elements using innovative and automated processes.

Our proposal provides for a technical collaboration with CEMECO and LOREV offering its related know-how and the training for your technical managing staff. LOREV provides the technology and machine systems and CEMECO supplies its precast design consultancy services and constructs the structures for housing the installations. In addition, during the period of training & knowledge-transfer of our systems at our facilities in Italy, we can also provide services such as accommodation and meals for your technical and managerial staff.

SILO System is the controlling entity of the operating companies – CEMECO Srl and LOREV Impianti, entrusted with the implementation and financing of the project using its secure and consistent asset base.

With over 40 years of leadership in Italy’s pre-fabricated construction sector, the know-how we accumulated in this time, brings unique opportunities to our partners: it facilitates transformational management and construction capabilities immensely, following increased technical expertise and skills. 

Through a joint partnership form of investment we are looking forward to reach a higher value in terms of mutual benefits.

Our investments

Joint Venture

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  • Our Brokers will be an integral part of our Joint Venture, they will play a pivotal role as facilitators during the transitional period of the tech transfer process. Their services will range from smoothing administrative and bureaucratic needs, to day to day problem solving, enabling the joint venture a smooth sail toward our target.

The Opportunities For Collaboration Include:

  • 1. Selling and installation of automated plants for the production of concrete elements


a. designing the project and the implementation plans,
b. creating the industrial program,
c. supply of equipment and components in cement, steel and aluminium for the project,
d. discussions and agreements with the industrial partner of the project for the specific products for your market,
e. training of your managers, engineers, technicians and any other staff who will manage the organisation (technical office, production division and the building site organization) at our company facilities in Italy.

We are looking for partners and investors to implement these projects and transfer our knowledge gained over the years, in countries where they can be appreciated.

For SILO System-

Eng. Remo Ranzuglia