Our Services

Helping you create the basic “building blocks” towards a pre-engineered construction business by focusing first on the production of steel, aluminum elements and of concrete products (paving stones, kerbstones, concrete blocks). These products will be your calling card to penetrate your markets and create your top quality brand.

Helping you expand your now well-known brand into the design and construction of pre-cast buildings in concrete, steel, aluminium and glass for the realization of:

  • Industrial and commercial complexes;
  • Shopping centers;
  • Hospitals;
  • Schools, gyms and residential infrastructure.
  • In addition to the know-how to install photovoltaic plants as a way to produce electricity in areas without access to the energy grid.

Helping you setup your factory facilities where our contribution will be:

Designing The Project

Designing the project, the implementation plans & Creating the industrial program.


Supply of machinery equipment and components in cement, steel and aluminum for the project.

Strategy Making

Discussions and agreements with the industrial partner of the project for the specific products (in steel, aluminum, concrete) for your market.


Training of your managers, engineers, technicians and any other staff who will manage the organisation (technical office, production division and the building site organization) at our company facilities in Italy.

In Summary

LOREV Impianti provides the technology and machine systems and CEMECO supplies its precast design consultancy services and constructs the structures for housing the installations. In addition, during the period of training & knowledge-transfer of our systems at our facilities in Italy, we can also provide services such as accommodation for your technical and managerial staff.

All this towards the realization of your own scalable pre-engineered buildings (PEB) business with the aid of our vast experience of over 40 years of leadership in Italy’s pre-fabricated construction sector.