Phase 3

Example of the output material produced by the LOREV Crushing machines.

Crushing Machine Plants

The vibration feeders combined, are used in the primary isntallations in cave of rock where the material introduced it to big dimensions and mixture to a notable precentage of thin parts.

The series of primary crushers to jaws to simple effect has been studied for covering the demands, for dimensions and productive ability, of the almost totality of the caves. These crushers resolve any problem of primary shattering of any mineral even if particularly hard and abrasive.

They are machine that resolve any problem of selection, from coarse shiftings to precise classifications, for every type of material and for a vast range of productions. Besides, when neccesary, they are furnished complete of plant shower washing.

The reversing mills to hammers, are cars for the seconday or tertiary shattering or of it extracts. The operation of these cars founds him on the effect of bump of the masses lanched to elevated speed. The material introduced through the mouth of feeding, is struck by the hammers and projected against a particular cover of bump climbed on the mobile supports.

They are reccomended above all for material alluvial that doesn’t introduce eccessive quantities of the impurity. Such cars, are constitued by a first room in plate, destined to the washing.

Plant Layout